Factory Visits

To Doug Schneider,

I’m retired, but used to work at Sound Plus (now long gone) in Vancouver, Canada. Two of our main lines were Linn and McIntosh Laboratory. I spent a memorable weekend being trained on McIntosh products at the company’s factory in Binghamton, New York, and some of my colleagues raved about their visit to Linn’s facility, which is in Glasgow, Scotland. These are two recommendations for you [for factory visits].

By the way, I purchased a pair of KEF R500 speakers in 2014 because of your review, and without an audition. I love them still, so thank you!

Michael King


I’ve been to McIntosh a few times, but I’d still like to go back. It’s only a five-hour drive for me. I’d love to visit Linn’s facility—that’s good food for thought.

I’m glad you’re pleased with the KEF R500s. I was rather blown away back when I reviewed them, so I’m not surprised to hear they’re holding up well. Speaker technology hasn’t changed much since then, so speakers that were good nine or ten years ago should still be good speakers today.

Doug Schneider