Rubber Renue -- A Cheap Turntable Tip

To Doug Schneider,

I thoroughly enjoyed your review of the Triangle Borea BR03 loudspeakers. I appreciated how you used Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen. You seem to have fun and enjoy the music. Some reviewers don’t get that, I think.

Here is something you might get a kick out of. You have a belt-driven turntable. I use Rubber Renue ($8.95 per bottle in Canada) to clean the belt once a year or so. If you want to try it, UHF Magazine still carries it and uses it. Why would I suggest this? Well, you might be surprised at the first cleaning. Listen to the very same song you had played before at the same level. I go out on the deck and simply soak a bit of the liquid into a paper towel, then slowly and gently slide the belt through. My Roksan turntable has a flat belt, yours may be a round belt, I’m not sure. But you will hear the improvement when you play the same piece. It is not a subtle thing. But I believe it shows how important the belt-platter interaction is. A cleaned record that still has some surface noise is suddenly quieter to listen to. I’m only suggesting this because you love vinyl and good music and enjoy it. Heck, if I had an extra bottle I would even ship it to you to try. It is that good. Also, the Take 2 reviews with Jay Lee are great. Always enjoy his YouTube videos.

Have a safe summer and happy tunes.


Interesting turntable tip! Plus, we’re glad you’re enjoying Jay’s video reviews -- we have lots more coming from him in the weeks and months to come. . . . Doug Schneider