"SoundStage! Real Hi-Fi" on the Mission 770 Loudspeaker

The original Mission 770 loudspeaker debuted in 1978. According to the company, “it quickly became Mission's best-selling speaker, and gravitated naturally into MK2 and MK3 alterations with improvements to sensitivity and power handling.” Mission reintroduced the 770 in 2021, retaining the original aesthetic and design ideas while incorporating the latest materials, speaker technologies, and manufacturing know-how.

Mission’s Peter Comeau was responsible for the design of the new 770. SoundStage! Network founder Doug Schneider had a chance to talk to Peter at High End 2022, which was held in Munich, Germany, in May. In this video, Doug relays some key points that he learned from Comeau about Mission’s “Made in the UK” loudspeaker. Find out why the design team did more listening than measuring, and discover how many crossover iterations they went through in order to arrive at the final design.